The most listened to radio station from Rifle to Aspen (and also the most fun workplace), KMTS is currently looking for a very special person to fill the full time position of Marketing Consultant.

The successful applicant(s) will

  • possess a valid Colorado Driver’s License and reliable transportation.
  • be proficient in the use of computers, cell phones and other technology.
  • be able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people.
  • work well under deadline pressure.
  • be eager to learn from others.
  • be self-motivated.
  • Being a regular KMTS listener is a plus, but is not required.

A Marketing Degree is preferred, but equivalent work experience will be considered as well.

We’re not kidding when we say we have the most fun office and that’s important because being the most listened to radio station means we’re also the busiest radio station and we believe it’s very important to have a good laugh in the hallway, or by the water cooler.

Does this sound like the kind of company you’d like to keep?  The first step is filling out the form below.

So, why start with an online form?  There are several reasons why we are starting our review process this way.  It tells us if you can follow directions and it shows us how well you can put together a formal proposal.  In a lot of cases, a proposal to a prospective client will be similar to this process– you have to wow someone you’ve never met with your words on paper before you get a face to face meeting.

In order to complete this form, you will need to submit a professional cover letter and resume.  You’ll have the option of typing them into a box below or uploading a file, but both are required.