O and G Meeting Postponed

A hearing with state officials on oil and gas drilling disputes between Antero Resources and concerned citizens has been postponed from February 22nd to April 4th. The Garfield County Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed to the
extension during a special meeting Monday.

Free Breakfasts

No more free breakfasts fro needy kids in
Colorado…state lawmakers are grappling with that issue as they chip away at Colorado’s 1.1 billion dollar shortfall. Some lawmakers are proposing a possible charge of 30 cents per meal as a compromise.

Winter Heating Help

There’s help for heating bills this winter. A couple of energy companies are lending a hand to Coloradans who need assistance to stay warm
including Xcel Energy and Atmos.

Rodeo Events Considered Cruel

A Colorado house committee voted against banning steer tailing and horse tripping. Committee members agreed that the events are
cruel to animals but say any bans should be dealt with at the local and county level.
Elsewhere in the news….
DENVER (AP) – The rules could be changing for having video
screens in the car.
Colorado law currently prohibits televisions in cars in the
front seat or visible to a driver. Under a bill under consideration
in a Senate committee Tuesday, those rules would be tweaked. The
bill would allow screens in the front seat as long as they’re not
visible to the driver.
Drivers would be allowed to see computer screens and other data
terminals as long as the devices aren’t used for visual
entertainment. Violators could be fined $35.
Senate Bill 14 gets a hearing in the Senate Transportation
Committee Tuesday.

House speaker calls for new budget rules

DENVER (AP) – GOP House Speaker Frank McNulty says state
revenues are too optimistic and he’s calling for additional cuts in
next year’s budget.
Lawmakers say they will have to cut at least $1.1 billion from
the estimated $19.1 billion budget beginning July 1, but McNulty
says they need to add another $195 million in cuts now.
He says lawmakers are being forced to cut $300 million in just
four months this year because estimates were overly optimistic. He
says lawmakers should have a cushion in case the estimated revenue
is off next year.
The House Finance Committee is expected to take up the proposal
on Tuesday.
Democrats had no immediate reaction to the proposal.