Glenwood Springs–The former owner and editor of the Glenwood Post died
recently. John Samuelson, who bought the paper in the 1960’s, some 30
years after his mother and father, passed away last Saturday at the
veteran’s nursing home in Rifle. Samuelson was 95.
Rifle–Oil and gas royalty owners are not happy with President
Obama’s plan to eliminate tax breaks for the industry. The
President says doing away with tax deductions for things like
domestic production will save the government billions of dollars.
Industry trade groups say in the long run, losing the tax breaks
will cost billions in revenue and lost jobs.
State Capitol–Civil unions for gay couples in Colorado was approved
by a Senate committee yesterday following hours of testimony. The
proposal would allow gay couples to be involved in their partner’s
decisions regarding medical treatment, health insurance and inheritance
State Capitol–Taking over 330 million dollars from Colorado’s public
schools is too harsh. That’s why State Senate President Brandon
Shaffer is asking the Joint Budget Committee to reduce the cuts
by 200 million. Shaffer says he has some better ideas in mind.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers say they will hold a hearing to
determine why Gov. John Hickenlooper — a former brew pub owner —
changed rules on the sale of low-strength beer to make it easier
for restaurants and liquor stores to sell those brands. During his
campaign, Hickenlooper vowed to cut government red tape. Two
Republican lawmakers will hold a joint House hearing today on the

DENVER (AP) – Xcel Energy is in talks over the future of its
solar incentives. Xcel had offered up to $2.35 per watt to
customers who install small-scale solar electric systems, but it
suspended the program while regulators consider Xcel’s request to
cut the incentives to $1.25 per watt. The solar industry has asked
the PUC to halt the suspension, saying it has cost jobs.

DENVER (AP) – State lawmakers meet today with officials from a
southeastern Colorado city to discuss the possible closing of a
prison that residents say will damage the area’s economy. The Joint
Budget Committee is meeting with Bent County officials to hear
their concerns as they weigh Gov. John Hickenlooper’s proposal to
shutter the Fort Lyon Correctional Facility by Aug. 31.