Hanging Lake Tail, Parking Lot and Bike Path Closures

Glenwood Springs—Next Monday through Friday, September 17th through the 22nd, the Hanging Lake Trail and parking lot will be closed for maintenance work.   The bike path will also be closed from the Shoshone power plant to the Bair Ranch Rest Area September 17th through the 19th. The Hanging Lake Trail and parking lot closure will begin Sunday night, the 16th at 8 o’clock.  Any vehicles still in the lot after that time will be towed away. The exit ramp will remain open for drivers to turn around until 4 am on the 17th.  Everything will reopen on the 23rd at one minute past midnight. Acting Eagle-Holy Cross District Ranger Rick Truex says the closure is a safety measure due to heavy equipment that will be operating in the area.

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