News, August 29th

Glenwood Springs–Garfield County Commissioners and the Bureau of Land Management are still squabbling over buffer zones being proposed for protection of the Greater Sage Grouse. Commissioners say the zones fail to take into account the industrialized nature of many parts of the county and the fact that so few birds are found here.

Glenwood Springs–Missouri Creek Road and the Missouri Lakes Trailhead parking lot will be closed for the next couple of weeks while repairs are made to the culverts. Crews are replacing the double culverts on the popular forest system road that were washed out over time by high stream flows. The repairs should be done by September 10th.

Glenwood Springs–The new cancer center at Valley View Hospital is set to open it’s doors next month. Media members are being given a sneak preview and a tour tomorrow.

Larimer County–Firefighters continue to make progress on a 250 acre wildfire that broke out yesterday in the Roosevelt National Forest. The fire is about three miles from the Wyoming state line and is 10 percent contained.