Glenwood Springs–Garfield County Commissioners have agreed to pay for additional air and water studies in the West Divide Creek area. Some homeowners claim the site of the gas seep in 2004 and ’08 is still emitting toxic chemicals. The county also agreed to install a water monitoring station.

Parachute–A Parachute man, suspected of accidentally shooting and killing another man last month has been charged with a number of felonies including reckless manslaughter. 26 year old Nathanael Rice faces up to 24 years in prison if convicted.

Washington, D.C.–Colorado is one of 10 states that will no longer be under the No Child Left Behind education mandates. President Obama officially freed the states from the requirements with the condition that they find other ways to improve student performance and evaluation.

Denver–There’s some hope for Coloradans who’ve lost their homes to foreclosure. State Attorney General John Suthers announced that Colorado will get over 200 million dollars as part of a multistate agreement with the nation’s five biggest banks. The money will be used to fund legal services for distressed homeowners, loan modifications and counseling.