Rifle–The Rifle man accused of shooting a local cop during a domestic disturbance over a year ago won’t be tried on attempted first degree murder charges until July. The trial for Phillip Michael Amonette was supposed to begin next Monday. Amonette’s attorney however, was granted a postponement because of a delay in receiving certain evidence.

Glenwood Springs–A Rifle teen is going to prison for 18 years for severely beating his baby boy. 19 year old Jose Chavez was sentenced yesterday in Garfield County District Court for the March 2010 beating of his two-month old son. He was convicted by a jury back in November.

Glenwood Springs–Environmentalists are urging people to call their congressmen to fully restore the 40 year old Clean Water Act. A recent Supreme Court decision reportedly weakened the act and leaves many rivers and streams susceptible to industrial pollution.

Denver–State and federal regulations on medical marijuana are being discussed today at the University of Denver. Dispensary owners, attorneys and other experts are on hand to talk about the potential for some medical weed businesses to be shut down by the feds.

DENVER (AP) – Republicans are introducing legislation to limit
how Colorado regulates child care businesses after uproar last
summer over proposed rules setting guidelines for crayons per box
and the color of dolls made available to kids.
The Department of Human Services is in the process of crafting
new regulations for child care business and officials say they’ve
backed off from some of the more controversial proposals. But
Republican Sen. Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud says the bill he’s
introducing Friday will ensure that the state’s oversight of the
child care businesses is limited to health and safety matters.
State officials say their goal is to emphasize quality child
care that helps children’s long-term success. Businesses worry that
too much oversight will cause them to shut down.

DENVER (AP) – A judge denied the federal government’s request to
keep a longtime anti-abortion protester from being able to stop
cars and talk to drivers as they enter Denver’s Planned Parenthood
center. U.S. District Judge Philip Brimmer late Thursday rejected
the U.S. Justice Department’s argument that Kenneth Scott’s actions
make it “unreasonably difficult” for patients and employees to
get to the clinic.

DENVER (AP) – Democratic lawmakers gave initial approval to a
bill letting Colorado illegal immigrants qualify for college
tuition that’s lower than the out-of-state rate. The bill passed a
Senate committee Thursday on a party-line vote with Republicans
against. It’s expected to clear the full Senate. A bigger challenge
will be the Republican-led House.

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) – A hearse that once carried the body of
former President John F. Kennedy may eventually go on display with
a number of other famous vehicles. Boulder developer Stephen Tebo
paid $176,000 at an Arizona auction for the hearse, which joins his
collection of about 400 other cars. The hearse transported
Kennedy’s body from a Dallas hospital to the airport after his
assassination in November 1963.