DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers would have to forgo their pay
and benefits if they don’t agree on a budget on time under a
proposal that gets its first hearing in the state Senate this
afternoon. The bill’s sponsor Democratic sponsor Brandon Shaffer
said the idea resonates with constituents because it sends the
message that lawmakers want to hold themselves accountable. Some
lawmakers have questioned Shaffer’s motives because he’s running
for Congress.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers have agreed to change an
unusual state law that banned local governments from investing in
federal securities. The measure changes a state requirement that
local governments invest taxpayer money only in the highest-rated
securities. The bill now awaits the signature of Gov. John
DENVER (AP) – Colorado wasn’t entirely left out of the action on
Super Tuesday. Colorado Democrats held precinct caucuses Tuesday
night, four weeks after their Republican counterparts held precinct
caucuses to choose presidential favorites. Democrats have no
contested presidential contest, so their precinct caucuses have
attracted little attention. Democrats also have no statewide
officers or contested congressional primary battles, so Democrats
were deciding more local matters yesterday.
MONTROSE, Colo. (AP) – A Colorado advocacy group is headed to
Montrose following a murder-suicide in which a man shot and killed
his estranged wife’s girlfriend before turning the gun on himself.
Members of the Colorado Anti-Violence Program plan to offer
training to prosecutors, police and a domestic violence advocacy
group. The group works to prevent violence within and against the
gay community.
KEYSTONE, Colo. (AP) – Arapahoe Basin isn’t planning on another
late end to the ski season. Last year the ski area ended daily
operations in early June, but it kept its lifts running on weekends
until July 4. There was so much spring snow last season that the
resort still had a 62-inch base in mid-June. Right now, A-Basin has
a 53-inch base at mid-mountain. The resort says it plans to close
in early June this year.