News, September 12th

PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) – A storm is expected to bring up to 10 inches to some of Colorado’s central and southern mountains. Forecasters say snow could be heavy in the eastern Sawatch mountains and western Mosquito Range above 11,000 feet. In other parts of the state, the precipitation has been falling as rain and temperatures were expected to be about 20 degrees cooler than in recent days.

FRISCO, Colo. (AP) – Researchers say warmer air is causing significant increases in zinc and other metal concentrations in the Rocky Mountain watershed. The rising levels in the upper Snake River west of the Continental Divide near Keystone may be caused by falling water tables, melting permafrost and other problems caused by warmer air temperatures.

GOLDEN, Colo. (AP) — A Jefferson County judge has rejected a request from a terminally ill inmate to be allowed to return home to die. Jerry Garcia said he has only six months to live, and he is serving a two-year sentence for domestic assault. KCNC-TV reports the judge gave Garcia the maximum sentence possible, citing Garcia’s past criminal record, his lack of remorse and threats to the victim.

DENVER (AP) – Denver police are searching for a suspect after shots were fired at them while they were responding to a domestic dispute. Police say they sealed off several blocks in southwest Denver today while they search for the gunman.