News, September 5th

Glenwood Springs–Asphalt and organic veggies are going to have to coexist in Garfield County. The Board of commissioners unanimously approved a plan allowing Bedrock Resources LLC to build a 35 acre asphalt crushing and paving plant next to the Eagle Springs Organic Farm on Mamm Creek Road. Owners of the farm say the dust and emissions from the plant will hurt their status as organic growers and eventually put them out of business.

Glenwood Springs–The Garfield County Board of Commissioners reluctantly agreed to rescind a resolution opposing the Bureau of Land Management’s limited oil shale development plan for Western Colorado.

Glenwood Springs–The effort to legalize marijuana in Colorado is a bad idea according to the Garfield County Board of Commissioners and Sheriff Lou Vallario. The sheriff and the board both stated their staunch opposition to Amendment 64 yesterday. Commissioners made their position on the amendment official with a resolution but made it clear they would not use taxpayer dollars to campaign against the ballot measure.

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) – A Mesa County commissioner who pleaded guilty to violating a burning ban in Chaffee County has agreed to pay a $78.50 fine. Commissioner Craig Meis (meese) pleaded guilty Tuesday to an ordinance violation. Meis was cited June 30 for using a small grill while camping in the San Isabel National Forest. Meis later wrote to Chaffee County Sheriff Peter Palmer saying he was willing to pay a fine but would be “disappointed” if he had to make the trip to Salida for a mandatory court appearance. Meis was accused of trying to have his ticket fixed, which he denied. It wasn’t his first minor legal problem. Two years ago Meis was convicted of allowing a person under 16 to operate a motor boat, which is a petty offense.