Castle Creek Bridge / Hallam Street Project Summer Work

Aspen, CO – Today, June 12 is the last day for phase two work on the Hallam Street roadway. From June 13 through August 19, traffic will return to the normal s-curve configuration allowing for an approximately two-month break from traffic detours peak season travel. Project construction activities will stop in the roadway, improvement work will continue on the north and south sides of the roadway and has  no traffic impacts to the Hallam Street corridor. This work includes new bus shelter installation and work north of Hallam Street, on Eighth and Seventh Street.

“We see some of our highest traffic volumes over the summer and wanted to minimize our impact during this time. Traffic will be able to use the s-curves as normal from June 13 through August 19, but motorists should anticipate delays associated with normal summer traffic,” said senior project manager, Pete Rice. “Working on construction items that don’t impact traffic flow help to will help minimize the traffic impacts when full work resumes in the fall.”

Crews will be working consistently throughout summer with work permitted to occur from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mondays-Fridays and some Saturdays. Expect heavy machinery and noise north of Hallam Street. The improvement project is tracking well with the construction schedule.


Dates, times, and routes are approximate and are subject to change.

From August 20 through August 31, the Power Plant detour will be intermittently in effect.  Follow designated routes and signage. Crews will shift between the normal s-curve configuration and the Power Plant detour as needed. It is expected that there will be one full weekday between August 20 and August 31 where the Power Plant detour will be in effect (date to be announced in August). Heavy delays are anticipated for both inbound and outbound traffic. Crews will not be working Labor Day weekend, September 1 through September 3.

Beginning on September 4, the full Power Plant detour will go into effect from approximately 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays-Fridays and some Saturdays. This configuration is anticipated to be in effect through October.


It is anticipated that the inbound and outbound Eighth Street stops and the inbound Seventh Street stop will remain closed for the duration of this project including the summer break period. The nearest stops are Fourth Street and the Roundabout stops. RFTA will continue to use Fourth Street and the Roundabout as BRT stops while Eighth Street stops remain closed.

Seventh and Eighth Streets between Hallam Street and Francis Avenue remain closed. Any changes to these stops or routing will be announced via the project email update.

Pedestrians and cyclists are reminded that the bridge sidewalks will remain closed during the summer and to use the pedestrian and cyclist detour via Marolt Open Space. The Hallam Street corridor including Eighth Street and Seventh Street remain part of an active construction site. It is both unsafe and prohibited for non-motorist traffic to cross the project site.

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