“It is necessary to it.” This man, always said what on what. Pseudo-democracy, really overbearing ~ ~ his kiss fell on my brow, coach handbags outlet mouth, no way, every time he kissed me, let me disoriented, unable to tell anything.

Worthy of happy, smiling and tempting, looks like water how touching, touching belly, and want to not have a lovely little life in it. Could not help laugh at themselves about the past too early do not want anything said, no one urgent than now.

Play every day except eat and drink, can do is draw a few drawings, so Pursuit take the matter to the tailor, the business can not stop, so to money. “Little miser,” the night is always so called.

I do not know too leisurely things, how the time passed even imperceptible, but more and more lazy, all day trying to sleep, woke up to the yard the sun. Her mother was worried that my change up frequently come to see me, personally end to make soup, catch a lot of questions I asked.

I do not know where to rock the night and today, nfl jerseys authentic I do not idle in a chair ready to move to the yard the sun, not the chair down, I heard rapid footsteps coming, do not look back, I know it must be her mother.

“Fast down, told you not to tamper with. All you girl, how stupid, how could his wife to move less stuff!” She walked nagging.

I turned around and smiled, “her mother, that I would like to move about, this is not a big deal, it does not matter.”

She came to me, girl to move the chair quickly, I did not react according to the chair she had been on, then he is to sit down, “You kids are always sloppy worrying, right, menstruation to the it? ”

“No, I am not very punctual every time, no later than twelve days is normal.” I replied, thinking that her mother really look forward to grandchildren.

“I did not come? You really like this way already, lazy. Otherwise call the doctor to see?” Her face looking forward.

“No, mother, a few days to see it.” A little movement did not, I was not so much effort, and if only a postponement of the letter more than lose face.

“Well, it according to you, do not tamper with, ah, these days.” Her mother a nervous look, anxious to be able to tie up my hands and feet.

Bid farewell to her mother, I started a few days, we really have? Touch his stomach, still flat, which will have a lovely little life? wholesale coach handbagsGood wonderful.

With expectation and worry has been over for several days, and she still did not come. Incredibly happy to know that after her mother immediately called the doctor back. The doctor is for my pulse, nervous mother stood side. Look at her like, if the doctor shook his head, she immediately took the doctor into pieces thrown out like, I can not help but to laugh, her mother is really lovely woman.

After a long, doctor back hand, touched the beard, nodded and said, “Congratulations Lady.”

Congratulations Lady? That is wonderful … … the feeling is good, as if suddenly a real grown up, full of happiness and loneliness.

“Really, great, great!” Her mother refused to take any dignified, clapping laughing. I suddenly remembered in the lifts, clapping and shouting into the Van, “I won, I won!” Obviously is in, and how her response than I am.

Twitching the mouth to see the doctor to hold back laughter, I could react, a mother such as the status of noble and beautiful and dignified woman, lost the state in general is not spectacular. Quickly pulled her sleeves, Mlb jerseys china her mother immediately come to understand, cough, brought an elegant and noble gesture, and just a really different person who grinned, “reward a good doctor.” She told around the girl.

Until the doctor away, her mother immediately smile, took my hand and music for a long while, made me embarrassed, when the original family line continuation of incense is supposed daughter, now made me like a hero, how dare.

Folk Volume Chapter 11, “Crosses”

Heart sweetness, stroking stomach, nonstop in the guess the child looks like. Most like his father, cat eyes, long eyelashes, red lips, must be a charming little thing. Night, come back, I have good news for you.

Wait wait, unwittingly fell asleep. Confused in the sense of someone to sit at my bedside. Opened his eyes, goes dreamed of being on the face, “the night, you come back.”

He wore white robes and I do, Authentic nfl jerseys Chu Chen gestures are a way. I stared to see him, he did not understand why not always look as if anything less from a loss of will.

Night, the child should look like you, your beauty passed along.

“Night, I have good news to tell you.” I sat up, the tone could not conceal his excitement.