Lost Tackle Box

Hey guys n gals,
Randy Smith here. I don’t know if you can run this on the air; But I need your help. My retirement is or was fishing. I lost my tackle box in the Colorado River Sunday around 10:30 A.M. I slipped on the bank and it tumbled in from about 15′ up. I couldn’t swim fast enough to catch it and I was worried about my health so I only chased it a block or so.
It has a white top, tan bottom and is approx. 20″ wide x 14″ deep x about 18″ tall. It has my fishing license inside the lid affixed with tape. It also has my retirement inside. I tried working last month and today was the first time I was strong enough to fish. I live on Soc. Sec. Disability, so I don’t have a lot; But I’ll pay what I can for a reward to anyone who’ll return it to me. 945-9723 or my cell 948-5953 THANK YOU IF YOU CAN HELP. Randy Smith
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