Licensing Your Pet with Garfield County Benefits Them and You in Many Ways

Everyone should register their dog(s) or cat(s) with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and make sure your pet wears that license at all times. How does this benefit you?

1)      When we have you pet’s information and we find your pet lost or injured we can readily access our records and return your pet to you safely. (Remember, your Veterinarian may have records on your pet but they are not open 24/7 and there is no way to know when your pet may turn up missing.)

2)      You avoid costly impound fees and stress on your pet as well as yourself if we don’t know where to take a lost or injured pet.

To promote the licensing of your pet(s) the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office will be awarding three $50.00 gift certificates to PetCo via drawings held on July 1st, August 6th (National Night Out) and September 2nd. All you need to do is to show proof that your pet has had its rabies vaccination in the last three years and bring $10.00 as a registration fee. You will receive a license tag for your pet to wear.

Register your pet in Glenwood at the Sheriff’s Office at 107 8th Street during regular business hours or at the Sheriff’s Annex in Rifle at 106 County Road 333. Come to either location and you will be given a ticket, valid for all three drawings, to be completed by you and dropped in the designated receptacle at that location.

Winners of each drawing will be contacted directly and their name will be announced through the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Face Book Page. For this year, employees of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office or their immediate families are not eligible for the drawings.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, through their Animal Control Division, encourages everyone to license your pet, have fun doing it, and maybe win a few extra prizes or treats for your pet in the process.

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