KMTS Connections: Rifle Police Foundation

In this interview, former Rifle Police Chief, Daryl Meisner and current Chief, Debra Funston discuss the work of the Rifle Police Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports the Rifle Police Department. The foundation provides resources and assistance to the department, such as equipment and training, to improve public safety in the community. Meisner and Funston emphasize the importance of community involvement and support for law enforcement, and they discuss the various events and fundraising efforts that the foundation has planned to further its mission.

Meisner and Funston also talk about the challenges faced by law enforcement in the current social and political climate, particularly with regard to issues of trust and transparency. They stress the need for open communication between law enforcement and the community they serve, and they discuss the ways in which the foundation is working to foster these connections. To learn more about the Rifle Police Foundation, you can visit their Facebook page at

Below are a couple quotes from the interview:

Daryl Meisner: “We’ve been able to support the department with some equipment and training that they were lacking in their budget. We’ve been able to get some grant funding to help support the department with some equipment needs. We’ve been able to pay for training that was just not in their budget for this year.”

Debra Funston: “It’s a difficult time to be in law enforcement, but we are committed to serving our community with integrity and building relationships with the community is a top priority for us. We want to make sure that we are transparent and that the community knows what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how we’re doing it.”