KMTS Connections: Smiling Goat Ranch Seen Through Horses Campaign and NASCAR Day Giveathon

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Many, including veterans like local farrier Josh Aikens, have benefitted from Smiling Goat Ranch‘s free services. Josh describes his experience, after being discharged from the Marines and moving to the valley, when he discovered equine therapy. Josh also tells us how he became a farrier.

Smiling Goat Ranch Executive Director, Sheryl Barto talks about Horses for Mental Health‘s third annual “Seen Through Horses” campaign. Donations made to Smiling Goat Ranch through the Seen Through Horses campaign will be eligible for special matches and other incentives.

You can also donate to Smiling Goat Ranch during the NASCAR Day Giveathon.

Donations help keep Smiling Goat Ranch’s services free of charge.