Junior Achievement 2019 Golf Tournament

Junior Achievement supports programs for finical literacy for students of all ages through all grades.  All of the funds will go to materials & curriculum for the entire program. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-22-2019%20Jake%20Lasko%20-%20Junior%20Achievement%20Golf%20Tournament.mp3

Bookcliffs Arts Center 2019 Summer Season

Highlighting the upcoming summer season at the Bookcliffs Arts Center with many different programs, starting with an open house featuring local artists. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-21-2019%20Veronica%20Capraro%20-%20Bookcliffs%20Arts%20Center_mixdown.mp3

Roaring Fork Corks & Kegs: Benefiting Glenwood Springs Education Fund

Glenwood Springs parents saw a need for additional financial support for area public schools.  They started this fundraiser to support local teachers and school activities. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-16-2019%20Mike%20Picore,%20Kyle%20Kappeli,%20Jeremy%20Joslin,%20Roaring%20Forks%20Corks%20and%20Kegs%20Benefitting%20Glenwood%20Springs%20Education%20Fund.mp3

Glenwood Springs Summer of Music 2019

9 years of the summer festival bringing various types of music to Glenwood Springs on Wednesday nights.  This year acts from country to rock, with local talent opening shows every night. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-15-2019%20Chris%20Bank,%20Glenwood%20Springs%20Summer%20of%20Music.mp3

Garfield County Dispatch

The advancements in technology & procedures that have affected the dispatch industry.  The training & certifications that all operators go through to be a 911 dispatcher. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-14-2019%20Gena%20Baker,%20Garfield%20County%20Dispatch.mp3

NAMI Roaring Fork

May is national mental health month.  Highlighting the programs and support groups to help the area. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-13-2019%20Linda%20Spencer,%20Lynne%20Jammaron,%20NAMI%20Roaring%20Fork.mp3

Flex Family Fitness – Students

Featuring the students/families that have come to the gym train and workout for free or on a “scholarship” and help with others at the gym. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-09-2019%20Billy%20Williams,%20Sean%20Herrera,%20Lee%20Higgins,%20Cody%20Sparkman,%20Melissa%20Sparkman%20-%20Flex%20Family%20Fitness.mp3

Yampah Mountain High School’s 3rd Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser

The 3rd annual plant sale fundraiser that raises funds for the growing empowerment program & the related facilities and programs throughout the valley.  Plants, seeds, & free advice are just a few things available at the sale. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-08-2019%20Kim%20Willie,%20Gabby,%20Monce,%20Tim%20-%20Yampah%20Mountain%20High%20School's%203rd%20Annual%20Plant%20Sale%20Fundraiser.mp3

Advocate Safe House – Mother’s Day Mile

This is the last Mother’s Day Mile to benefit Advocate Safe House in the Roaring Fork Valley.  This year the “race” is in honor of Nancy Reinisch. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-07-2019%20Julie%20Olson,%20Sarah%20Buckley,%20Advocate%20Safehouse%20Project%20-%20Mothers%20Day%20Mile.mp3

CSU Extension Programs, & Open House

Reviewing current programs and looking at new programs from the CSU extension office.  As well as an open house for the healthy lands program. http://www.kmtsaudio.com/audio/Connections/05-06-2019%20Steve%20Anthony,%20Garfield%20County%20Vegetation,%20Abi%20Saeed,%20CSU%20Extension%20-%20Noxious%20Weeds,%20Master%20Gardner,%204-H,%20Healty%20Lands%20Open%20House.mp3