New Castle Community Market

The 8th annual community market that the town of New Castle hosts that allows not only farmers, but non-profits, local business, and anyone else that would like to contribute.,%20Debbie%20Nichols,%20New%20Castle%20Community%20Market.mp3

Colorado Rural Water Association – “Keep it Clean ‘Cause we are all Downstream”

Highlighting the clean source water acts and information.  The Campaign that is reaching out to users and the public to keep the waters clean, in ways that they may not even realize.,%20Colorado%20Rural%20Water%20Association,%20Mark%20O'Meara,%20Town%20of%20Carbondale%20-%20Keep%20It%20Clean%20'Cause%20We're%20All%20Downstream.mp3

Symphony in the Valley – Independence Day Performances

The annual 4th of July show in Rifle where the symphony will play for the majority of the night with things culminating in a fireworks show to end the evening.,%20Van%20Merritt,%20Symphony%20in%20the%20Valley%20-%20Independence%20Day%20Performances.mp3

Colorado Community Theater Coalition – Colorado Theater Festival

The traveling Community Theater Festival in Colorado.  This year the festival takes place in Glenwood.  Colorado companies performing shows & trying to get to the national festival the following year.,%20Betsy%20Banks,%20Mike%20Banks%20-%20Colorado%20Community%20Theater%20Coalition%20Colorado%20Theatre%20Festival.mp3

Strongest of the Strong Competition

Third annual Strong man competition at the Garfield County fair.  This year a new novice division has been added for beginners that want to try their hand at a strongman competition.

Hype House – Gypsum Daze 2019

The 33rd annual celebration in Gypsum featuring vendors, activities, and a concert to cap off the weekend.,%20Hype%20House%20-%20Gypsum%20Daze%202019.mp3

Advocate Safehouse Project – Embrace the Chase

A fundraiser that uses modern technology to conduct a scavenger hunt, over a 24 hour period.  Prizes range from $1000.00 to $250.00.,%20Pam%20Ruzicka,%20Advocate%20Safehouse%20Project%20-%20Embrace%20the%20Chase.mp3

Glenwood Noon Rotary – Pie Day Plus

A fundraiser for the Noon Rotary club to raise money for local projects that contribute to efforts throughout the valley.  You can buy a slice or multiple pies.  You can have them yourself or donate them to local organizations.,%20Pam%20Pine,%20Glenwood%20Noon%20Rotary%20-%20Pie%20Day%20Plus.mp3

Glenwood Springs Chamber – Strawberry Days

A summary of all of the events that lead up to and happen during the Strawberry day’s week/weekend.  Including “miss Strawberry Days”, the parade, and much more.,%20Joni%20Bates,%20Tara%20Harmon,%20Glenwood%20Springs%20Chamber%20-%20Strawberry%20Days.mp3