The 2019 Strongest of the Strong Competition

The 3rd annual strongman competition at the Garfield County Fair benefiting “Brent’s place” the only “certified safe clean-living environment” for families that are going through cancer treatment.


SNOTEL, Soil conservation, and Noxious weeds information.  How all of these systems collaborate to give us information on our environment and surroundings.,%20Ray%20Langstaff,%20Wendy%20Ryan,%20SNOTEL,%20COAGMET,%20NRCS.mp3

2019 Garfield County Humanitarian Awards

The humanitarian awards that recognize local Garfield County citizens that put others before themselves in many different ways.,%20Sandy%20Swanson,%20Rick%20Blauvelt%20-%20Garfield%20County%20Humanitarian%20Awards.mp3

Lift-Up’s Mission

Lift-Up’s mission to give a helping hand to people that find themselves in a variety of situations where they need assistance in getting food for their family.

RE-2 Encourage, Nurture, Challenge Field Day

This is the second RE-2 Encourage, Nurture, Challenge Field Day and this year it is happening on Thursday, May 11th. There will be about 50 participants. The field day is open to RE-2 students only, but hopefully RE-16 and RE-1 in the coming years.,%20Nurture,%20Challenge%20Field%20Day.mp3

SOL Theatre Company Production of Godspell

Godspell is based on the gospels of Matthew and Luke in the bible. The music of Godspell was written by Steven Schwarts. The whole play is talked or sang about in parables.,%20Dani%20Kopf,%20Kerry%20Schaefer,%20Charley%20Schaefer%20-%20SOL%20Theatre%20Company%20Production%20of%20Godspell.mp3

Imagine 5 Fundraiser

It’s time for the Riverbridge Regional Center’s 5th annual Imagine 5 fundraiser. Riverbridge Regional Center is a child advocacy center, they help children who have been abused.,%20Riverbridge%20Regional%20Center%20-%20Imagine%205%20Fundraiser.mp3

Shamrock Shindig

Its time for the annual Shamrock Shindig happening Friday May 19th. The Shamrock Shindig was originally called from Denim to Diamonds way back in the day. There will be a silent auction beginning at 4pm at the Garfield County Fairgrounds followed by a dance and a live auction.,%20Ben%20Smith,%20Katie%20Rhinaman,%20Carla%20Farrand,%20Garfield%20County%204-H%20Shamrock%20Shindig.mp3

Glenwood Springs Community Concert Association 70th Season

John Burg is here from the Glenwood Springs Community Concert Association getting ready for the 70th season. The first season was from 1947-1948.,%20Glenwood%20Springs%20Community%20Concert%20Association%20-%2070th%20Annual%20Season.mp3