KMTS Connections: Aspen Valley Land Trust

Aspen Valley Land Trust Executive Director Suzanne Stephens and Conservation Director Erin Quinn discuss the Conservation Workshop planned for Wednesday, May 1 at the Silt Library. More information can be found here:

KMTS Connections: Mountain View Church Kids Clothing Swap

Anyone can pick up donated childrens items on Saturday, April 27 at Mountain View Church. Pastor Steve Grosz and congregation member Diana Adkisson tell us the details. Debbie Wilde, tells us how the Glenwood Rotary Club is helping with the swap and other upcoming Rotary-sponsored events.

KMTS Connections: Valley View Receives Pediatric Advanced Ready Designation

Valley View has been officially recognized as “pediatric ready” by the Colorado Pediatric Preparedness for the Emergency Room (COPPER) Program, marking the first Level III Trauma Center in Colorado to be COPPER verified. This prestigious designation highlights Valley View’s commitment to providing exceptional emergency care tailored specifically to the needs of pediatric patients. Valley View … Read more

KMTS Connections: Literacy Outreach Spellebration

Literacy Outreach Executive Director Martha Fredendall talks to us about this year’s event, the 30th annual Spellebration. (Following is from the Literacy Outreach press release on the event.) • Spellebration is an adult spelling bee and fundraiser for Literacy Outreach, a longtime local nonprofit providing life-changing opportunities for adults to learn basic literacy skills such … Read more

KMTS Connections: Journey Home Animal Care Center Spayghetti and No Balls Dinner

Jessie Roy and Matt Thoresen from Journey Home Animal Care Center discuss the annual dinner where they raise money for spay and neuter programs. The dinner is this Saturday at the Rifle Elks Lodge. More information is available here: We also discuss other services available at the animal shelter, and we discuss the upcoming … Read more

KMTS Connections: Garfield Clean Energy Re-Energize Grants

Zuleika Pevec from CLEER discusses the Garfield Clean Energy Re-Energize program, which helps homeowners perform energy efficiency upgrades (A family of four earning up to $148,800 can get $2,000 or more.) More information can be found here: