KMTS Connections: Smiling Goat Ranch Seen Through Horses Campaign and NASCAR Day Giveathon

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Many, including veterans like local farrier Josh Aikens, have benefitted from Smiling Goat Ranch‘s free services. Josh describes his experience, after being discharged from the Marines and moving to the valley, when he discovered equine therapy. Josh also tells us how he became a farrier. Smiling Goat Ranch … Read more

KMTS Connections: Wildfire

In this conversation, Phil Nylund and John Markalounis discuss wildfire management and the benefits of prescribed burns. They explain the difference between prescribed burns and controlled burns, and how prescribed burns can benefit wildlife and habitat regeneration. They also describe the planning and collaboration involved in conducting prescribed burns, as well as their preparations for … Read more

KMTS Connections: Young Guns of Rifle Austin Booth Memorial Golf Tournament and Request for Volunteers

Klayton Costanzo and Tyler Davis from the Young Guns of Rifle discuss the 15th annual Austin Booth Memorial Golf Tournament, the associated scholarship for Rifle High School students, and their next exciting fundraiser. (Listen for details .) If you’d like to sponsor any element of the golf tournament, or volunteer in July, contact the Young … Read more

KMTS Connections: ENC Field Day

Organizers of the annual Encourage, Nurture, Challenge Field Day are looking for donations to help make the event happen. Today, we spoke with Special Support Needs Teacher, Terri Arredondo, Paraprofessional Megan Bauer, and Speech Language Pathologist, Sharon Malfitano, along with students, Quentin, Gael, Indy, Lindsey, Isabella, and Dane. Nearly 200 students from five school districts … Read more