How food distribution works during a pandemic, with the loss of volunteers, not being able to distribute out of a physical location.,%20Sophia%20Gielink%20-%20Lift-Up.mp3

Sopris Theater Company – Rogues Gallery

Talking about the first show of a unique theater season during COVID.  The first show is one selected because of COVID, and written with a pandemic in mind.,%20Brendan%20Cochran,%20Lauren%20Kenning,%20Cassidy%20Wiley.mp3

Carbondale Business Confluence

The annual gathering of business presented by the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce where businesses learn different techniques, strategies, and ideas as they continue to operate into the future.  This year is a virtual presentation due to the pandemic.

Blue Star Recyclers E-Waste Event

A fundraising event that is benefiting local charitable clubs through a company that helps high functioning developmentally delayed individuals that disassemble electronics for recycling and reuse.

Glenwood Springs Historical Society – Ghost Walk

After a couple of years off the ghost walk is back.  This year, the Ghost Walk is a virtual presentation from different areas and historical locations throughout Glenwood Springs.

Symphony In The Valley – Beethoven’s 250th Birthday

Highlighting the concert that celebrates a traditional birthday celebration for symphonies around the world, and how the Symphony will celebrate during a pandemic.,%20Kelly%20Thompson,%20Mandy%20Gessler%20-%20Symphony%20in%20the%20Valley%20Beethoven's%20250th%20Birthday.mp3

Garfield County Public Health – Flu Shots

The annual awareness campaign for getting your flu vaccination and the interaction of the flu and COVID,  The challenges of vaccinating for the flu during a pandemic.,%20Grand%20River%20Health%20-%20Flu%20Shots.mp3

Birds of Play Community Concert

Talking about a local community concert in Cardiff Glen to bring, people out to a neighborhood in Glenwood that is almost by itself.  The concert is being conducted in a social distancing way and “pandemic safe” way.

Make A Wish Foundation

Highlighting the impact that the Make-A-Wish foundation can have on a child’s life even if you do not live in a large city.  Make-A Wish is making an effort to expand their reach into the more rural areas.  Also takes a look at the entire process of how Make-A Wish works.,%20Eldon%20Moritz,%20Scott%20Dishong%20-%20Colorado%20Make%20A%20Wish.mp3

National Suicide Prevention Week

Talking about the effort to bring suicide to a topic that is discussable, and easier to talk about in daily life.  This year is a virtual “walk” presentation since it is more important then ever during a pandemic.,%20National%20Suicide%20Prevention%20Week.mp3