KMTS Connections is a Public Affairs Program which airs most weekdays around 12:30 PM. KMTS Connections is provided free of charge to any government agency, non-profit organization or event between Aspen and Parachute.

  • Basalt High School Athletics Wild West Night Fundraiser
    The primary fundraiser for all of the “self-funded” sports at Basalt High School.  This year the sports include Tennis, other sports of the Basalt Longhorn Athletics Department.,%20Linda%20Hoffman,%20Basalt%20High%20School%20Wild%20West%20Night%20Fundraiser.mp3
  • Habitat for Humanity
    The area Habitat for humanity celebrating their 20th anniversary in the valley and the 2nd in the new store.  Working on phase 2 of the Basalt Vista development.,%20Mike%20Scanlon%20-%20Habitat%20for%20Humanity.mp3
  • Glenwood Springs Elks Lodge 2020 Open House
    The annual “open house” for the Glenwood Springs Elks Lodge.  The open house shows all of the activities that the Elks offer & the community services that the elks provide.,%20Sally%20Friend%20Regan%20-%20Glenwood%20Springs%20Elks%20Open%20House.mp3
  • Renew Roaring Fork Assisted Living & Memory Care – Adapting New Methods & Techniques to Senior Living
    How movement & fitness professionals that train world class athletes can help seniors get their quality of life back or make it better in ways that have never been thought of before.,%20Gale%20Bernhardt%20-%20Renew%20Roaring%20Fork%20Assisted%20Living%20and%20Memory%20Care.mp3
  • Roaring Fork Fly Fishing Club – 5th Annual Iron Fly Competition
    A fun & friendly competition that is held every year to bring people from all skill levels together and have fun with fly fishing & people that enjoy fishing.
  • New Ute Theater Society – Casino Night
    The annual major fundraiser for NUTS.  The organization that supports the Ute Theater in Rifle.  This is the 2nd year for casino night, the first year was a huge success.  This year will be even bigger, & allow more people to contribute to NUTS.,%20Shelly%20Aibner,%20New%20Ute%20Theater%20Society%20-%20Casino%20Night%20Fundraiser.mp3
  • Sopris Theater Company’s Production of Hope & Gravity at the Wheeler Opera House
    The production from Sopris Theater company that is going to be presented at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen.  Every year 1 show will go on the road to the Wheeler and be presented in a space that is not the “normal” venue & the challenges that come along with “touring” a show.,%20Christina%20Cappelli,%20Stella%20von%20Dedenroth%20-%20Sopris%20Theatre%20Company%20Production%20of%20Hope%20and%20Gravity%20at%20the%20Wheeler%20Opera%20House.mp3
  • Symphony In The Valley – Gatsby Swing
    The annual “Swing” show that SITV presents every year at the Hotel Colorado.  This is the concert that everyone gets dressed up for and enjoys a “night out on the town”.,%20Stephanie%20Askew,%20Kelly%20Thompson%20-%20Symphony%20in%20the%20Valley%20Gatsby%20Swing.mp3
  • Advocate Safe House – Lunafest 2020
    The annual film festival that includes films that feature all kinds of films concerning Women’s issues.  This serves as a fundraiser for Advocate Safe House & The Chicken & Egg Foundation.,%20Sarah%20Buckley%20-%20Advocate%20Safehouse%20Project%20-%20Lunafest.mp3
  • Rifle High School Choir & Band Disneyland Trip
    A trip to Disney world for the band & choir to attend workshops, & perform at Disneyland in March of 2020.  The school will be holding several fundraisers & functions to get the students & chaperones to Disneyland.,%20Embry%20Marantino,%20Augie%20Miller,%20Arlene%20Gullen%20-%20Rifle%20High%20School%20Band%20and%20Choir%20Disneyland%20Trip.mp3
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