KMTS Connections is a Public Affairs Program which airs most weekdays around 12:30 PM. KMTS Connections is provided free of charge to any government agency, non-profit organization or event between Aspen and Parachute.

  • CMC Children’s Mini College Chocolate Extravaganza
    The annual fundraiser that raises funds for the Mini College program that has been at the Glenwood Center since it has opened.  This year there will be appetizers, drinks, a silent auction, and of course Chocolate.,%20Annemarie%20Deter%20-%20CMC%20Children’s%20Mini%20College%20Chocolate%20Extravaganza.mp3
  • Brent’s Place
    The fundraiser put on by the strongest of the strong competition every year at the Garfield county fair.  Brent’s place is a foundation that helps families with children in treatment at Children’s Hospital in Denver.  All costs are covered by Brent’s place.’s%20Place.mp3
  • Garfield County Humanitarian Service Awards
    The event that awards local unsung “heroes” over the last 31 years.  This allows certain people of the community to be acknowledged for their selfless acts & efforts that some people put into their daily lives & spare time.,%20Eliana%20Renteria,%20Heather%20Paulson%20-%20Garfield%20County%20Humanitarian%20Service%20Awards.mp3
  • Grand River Health A Grand Chance for Chocolate
    The 12th annual Fundraiser for the scholarship program that benefits the Grand River Health Medical Career Scholarship program.  Two days of chocolate delight.,%20John%20Bellio,%20Evan%20Miller,%20Victoria%20Kessler%20-%20Grand%20River%20Health%20A%20Grand%20Chance%20for%20Chocolate.mp3
  • Sopris Theatre Company’s Production of “Private Eyes”
    The production of “Private Eyes” from the college/community theater company at the CMC spring valley campus.  A mystery/comedy that explores relationships & interactions of the cast/crew members.,%20James%20Steindler,%20Ethan%20Cosgrove,%20Pax%20Wild%20-%20Sopris%20Theatre%20Company%20Production%20of%20Private%20Eyes.mp3
  • Basalt High School Athletics Wild West Night Fundraiser
    The primary fundraiser for all of the “self-funded” sports at Basalt High School.  This year the sports include Tennis, other sports of the Basalt Longhorn Athletics Department.,%20Linda%20Hoffman,%20Basalt%20High%20School%20Wild%20West%20Night%20Fundraiser.mp3
  • Habitat for Humanity
    The area Habitat for humanity celebrating their 20th anniversary in the valley and the 2nd in the new store.  Working on phase 2 of the Basalt Vista development.,%20Mike%20Scanlon%20-%20Habitat%20for%20Humanity.mp3
  • Glenwood Springs Elks Lodge 2020 Open House
    The annual “open house” for the Glenwood Springs Elks Lodge.  The open house shows all of the activities that the Elks offer & the community services that the elks provide.,%20Sally%20Friend%20Regan%20-%20Glenwood%20Springs%20Elks%20Open%20House.mp3
  • Renew Roaring Fork Assisted Living & Memory Care – Adapting New Methods & Techniques to Senior Living
    How movement & fitness professionals that train world class athletes can help seniors get their quality of life back or make it better in ways that have never been thought of before.,%20Gale%20Bernhardt%20-%20Renew%20Roaring%20Fork%20Assisted%20Living%20and%20Memory%20Care.mp3
  • Roaring Fork Fly Fishing Club – 5th Annual Iron Fly Competition
    A fun & friendly competition that is held every year to bring people from all skill levels together and have fun with fly fishing & people that enjoy fishing.