KMTS Connections is a Public Affairs Program which airs most weekdays around 12:30 PM. KMTS Connections is provided free of charge to any government agency, non-profit organization or event between Aspen and Parachute.

  • Glenwood Springs Summer of Music 2019
    9 years of the summer festival bringing various types of music to Glenwood Springs on Wednesday nights.  This year acts from country to rock, with local talent opening shows every night.,%20Glenwood%20Springs%20Summer%20of%20Music.mp3
  • Garfield County Dispatch
    The advancements in technology & procedures that have affected the dispatch industry.  The training & certifications that all operators go through to be a 911 dispatcher.,%20Garfield%20County%20Dispatch.mp3
  • NAMI Roaring Fork
    May is national mental health month.  Highlighting the programs and support groups to help the area.,%20Lynne%20Jammaron,%20NAMI%20Roaring%20Fork.mp3
  • Flex Family Fitness – Students
    Featuring the students/families that have come to the gym train and workout for free or on a “scholarship” and help with others at the gym.,%20Sean%20Herrera,%20Lee%20Higgins,%20Cody%20Sparkman,%20Melissa%20Sparkman%20-%20Flex%20Family%20Fitness.mp3
  • Yampah Mountain High School’s 3rd Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser
    The 3rd annual plant sale fundraiser that raises funds for the growing empowerment program & the related facilities and programs throughout the valley.  Plants, seeds, & free advice are just a few things available at the sale.,%20Gabby,%20Monce,%20Tim%20-%20Yampah%20Mountain%20High%20School’s%203rd%20Annual%20Plant%20Sale%20Fundraiser.mp3
  • Advocate Safe House – Mother’s Day Mile
    This is the last Mother’s Day Mile to benefit Advocate Safe House in the Roaring Fork Valley.  This year the “race” is in honor of Nancy Reinisch.,%20Sarah%20Buckley,%20Advocate%20Safehouse%20Project%20-%20Mothers%20Day%20Mile.mp3
  • CSU Extension Programs, & Open House
    Reviewing current programs and looking at new programs from the CSU extension office.  As well as an open house for the healthy lands program.,%20Garfield%20County%20Vegetation,%20Abi%20Saeed,%20CSU%20Extension%20-%20Noxious%20Weeds,%20Master%20Gardner,%204-H,%20Healty%20Lands%20Open%20House.mp3
  • Harlem Wizards Game Benefiting Glenwood Springs Middle School’s Expedition Learning Program
    Fundraiser for GSMS that Features the Harlem Wizards an exhibition team featuring trick shots & stunts.  The funds raised will go to the “expedition learning” programs at GSMS.,%20Sandy%20Decrow%20-%20Harlem%20Wizards%20Game%20Benefitting%20Glenwood%20Springs%20Middle%20School.mp3
  • Aspen Valley Land Trust
    The history & evolution of AVLT, “Listening Sessions” are being conducted to learn about the needs, & ways to change the operating procedures that guides AVLT.,%20Matt%20Anabel%20-%20Aspen%20Valley%20Land%20Trust.mp3
  • Garfield County Outdoors
    Updates & Upcoming events that include; Fly Fishing, Outdoor Cooking, Rock Climbing, & many more activities and programs.,%20Meredith%20Burke%20-%20Garfield%20County%20Outdoors.mp3
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