KMTS Connections is a Public Affairs Program which airs most weekdays around 12:30 PM. KMTS Connections is provided free of charge to any government agency, non-profit organization or event between Aspen and Parachute.

  • New Ute Theater Society – Casino Night
    The annual major fundraiser for NUTS.  The organization that supports the Ute Theater in Rifle.  This is the 2nd year for casino night, the first year was a huge success.  This year will be even bigger, & allow more people to contribute to NUTS.,%20Shelly%20Aibner,%20New%20Ute%20Theater%20Society%20-%20Casino%20Night%20Fundraiser.mp3
  • Sopris Theater Company’s Production of Hope & Gravity at the Wheeler Opera House
    The production from Sopris Theater company that is going to be presented at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen.  Every year 1 show will go on the road to the Wheeler and be presented in a space that is not the “normal” venue & the challenges that come along with “touring” a show.,%20Christina%20Cappelli,%20Stella%20von%20Dedenroth%20-%20Sopris%20Theatre%20Company%20Production%20of%20Hope%20and%20Gravity%20at%20the%20Wheeler%20Opera%20House.mp3
  • Symphony In The Valley – Gatsby Swing
    The annual “Swing” show that SITV presents every year at the Hotel Colorado.  This is the concert that everyone gets dressed up for and enjoys a “night out on the town”.,%20Stephanie%20Askew,%20Kelly%20Thompson%20-%20Symphony%20in%20the%20Valley%20Gatsby%20Swing.mp3
  • Advocate Safe House – Lunafest 2020
    The annual film festival that includes films that feature all kinds of films concerning Women’s issues.  This serves as a fundraiser for Advocate Safe House & The Chicken & Egg Foundation.,%20Sarah%20Buckley%20-%20Advocate%20Safehouse%20Project%20-%20Lunafest.mp3
  • Rifle High School Choir & Band Disneyland Trip
    A trip to Disney world for the band & choir to attend workshops, & perform at Disneyland in March of 2020.  The school will be holding several fundraisers & functions to get the students & chaperones to Disneyland.,%20Embry%20Marantino,%20Augie%20Miller,%20Arlene%20Gullen%20-%20Rifle%20High%20School%20Band%20and%20Choir%20Disneyland%20Trip.mp3
  • 2020 Ag Expo
    The annual Ag expo presented by local agencies that are agriculture driven/interested.  Vendors, exhibitors, and refreshments will all be at the expo.,%20Abi%20Saeed,%20Ray%20Langstaff%20-%202020%20Ag%20Expo.mp3
  • Yampah Mountain High School’s 2019 Taste of the Holiday’s & Gift Bazaar
    The 2019 Holiday fair put on by Yampah Mountain High School.  All items at the fair are made by & put together by students at Yampah.  Items include plants, knick-nacks, and holiday treats.,%20Nicholas%20Barber,%20Romana%20Kirschling,%20Kaeley%20Flanigan%20-%20Yampah%20Mountain%20High%20School%20Taste%20of%20the%20Holidays%20and%20Holiday%20Gift%20Bazaar.mp3
  • Valley View Hospital Grief & Caregiver Groups
    Covering groups that provide services & counseling to members of the community in a time of need in a multitude of situations ranging from loss of any kind to caring for a loved one over any time period.  All of these services are free of charge from Valley View.
  • Flex Family Fitness & the FLINT Foundation
    Updating the status of the foundation that was born out of the needs that Flex Family Fitness identified for a place for kids & families to exercise & learn about fitness that may not have the budget for a gym membership or how to get a fitness regime started.
  • Sunlight Volunteer Ski Patrol Beer Tasting
    The 2nd Annual Beer Tasting that benefits the Volunteer Ski Patrol at Sunlight Mountain.  This year it will be held at the Sunlight lodge.  Several different beers (Micro-Brews & National Brews) will be available with food, music.  All proceeds got to Ski Patrol’s Training, equipment, & First Aid.