KMTS Connections is a Public Affairs Program which airs most weekdays around 12:30 PM. KMTS Connections is provided free of charge to any government agency, non-profit organization or event between Aspen and Parachute.

  • 2019 Valley View Health Fair
    The annual health fair that offers full low-cost health screenings and other health services, offered at multiple locations throughout the valley.,%20Lydia%20Senn%20-%20Valley%20View%20Health%20Fair.mp3
  • The Garfield County Fairgrounds
    Reviewing the county fairgrounds and the services that the complex can provide.  The history and future for the fairgrounds is also discussed.
  • The 2019 Strongest of the Strong Competition
    The 3rd annual strongman competition at the Garfield County Fair benefiting “Brent’s place” the only “certified safe clean-living environment” for families that are going through cancer treatment.
    SNOTEL, Soil conservation, and Noxious weeds information.  How all of these systems collaborate to give us information on our environment and surroundings.,%20Ray%20Langstaff,%20Wendy%20Ryan,%20SNOTEL,%20COAGMET,%20NRCS.mp3
  • 2019 Garfield County Humanitarian Awards
    The humanitarian awards that recognize local Garfield County citizens that put others before themselves in many different ways.,%20Sandy%20Swanson,%20Rick%20Blauvelt%20-%20Garfield%20County%20Humanitarian%20Awards.mp3
  • Lift-Up’s Mission
    Lift-Up’s mission to give a helping hand to people that find themselves in a variety of situations where they need assistance in getting food for their family.
  • Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts: Dancers Dancing
    Maurine Taufer is here to talk about the 25th anniversary of Dancers Dancing.,%20Glenwood%20Springs%20Center%20for%20the%20Arts%20-%20Dancers%20Dancing%20-%20A%20Legacy.mp3
  • RE-2 Encourage, Nurture, Challenge Field Day
    This is the second RE-2 Encourage, Nurture, Challenge Field Day and this year it is happening on Thursday, May 11th. There will be about 50 participants. The field day is open to RE-2 students only, but hopefully RE-16 and RE-1 in the coming years.,%20Nurture,%20Challenge%20Field%20Day.mp3
  • SOL Theatre Company Production of Godspell
    Godspell is based on the gospels of Matthew and Luke in the bible. The music of Godspell was written by Steven Schwarts. The whole play is talked or sang about in parables.,%20Dani%20Kopf,%20Kerry%20Schaefer,%20Charley%20Schaefer%20-%20SOL%20Theatre%20Company%20Production%20of%20Godspell.mp3
  • Imagine 5 Fundraiser
    It’s time for the Riverbridge Regional Center’s 5th annual Imagine 5 fundraiser. Riverbridge Regional Center is a child advocacy center, they help children who have been abused.,%20Riverbridge%20Regional%20Center%20-%20Imagine%205%20Fundraiser.mp3
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