KMTS Connections is a Public Affairs Program which airs most weekdays around 12:30 PM. KMTS Connections is provided free of charge to any government agency, non-profit organization or event between Aspen and Parachute.

  • St. Stephen School Masquerade Ball Fundraiser
    April 22, St. Stephen School will be holding a spring gala and masquerade ball. Glenda and Giovanna thought of this fundraiser in December. Last year over 100,000 in scholarships were awarded to students. Doors open at 6pm and end at midnight.,%20Giovanna%20Kennedy%20-%20St%20Stephen%20School%20Masquerade%20Ball%20Fundraiser.mp3
  • 31st Annual DAV Winter Sports Clinic
    It’s time for the 31st Annual DAV Winter Sports Clinic! There will be approximately 376+ participants in the Winter Sports Clinic this year.,%20Frank%20Pacello%20-%2031st%20Annual%20DAV%20Winter%20Sports%20Clinic.mp3
  • Grand River Gallop
    Kaaren Peck is here to finish of March For Meals, which always ends with the Grand River Gallop during the first weekend of April. Meals on Wheels serves people from New Castle to Parachute.,%20Grand%20River%20Meals%20on%20Wheels%20-%20Grand%20River%20Gallop.mp3
  • Spellebration 2017
    This year Spellebration is on Friday April 7th at the Hotel Colorado. The team deadline is Friday, March 31st teams are three spellers and $200. You can also buy your self to the semi-final round which starts at $25 and goes up each time you decide to use a word pass.,%20Gina%20Waller,%20Steve%20Shute%20-%20Spellebration%202017.mp3
  • Mountain West SANE Alliance
    DA Jeff Cheney and SANE Alliance forensic nurse examiner Jennifer Hager are here today to explain more about SANE Alliance. Jennifer Hager has been with SANE since 2015. The very first exam for the local SANE Alliance was performed in 2016.,%20Jennifer%20Hager%20-%20Mountain%20West%20SANE%20Alliance.mp3
  • Western Slope Veteran’s Coalition Presentation
    The Western Slope Veteran’s Coalition along with the Glenwood Springs High School Jr. Air Force ROTC will be putting on a special presentation by National DAVcommander David Riley.,%20Mathew%20Haines,%20Veronyca%20Wheeler,%20Paul%20Nunemann%20-%20Western%20Slope%20Veteran’s%20Coalition%20Presentation.mp3
  • Valley Well Workplace Small Business Health and Wellness Symposium
    March 31 the Small Business Health and Wellness Symposium will be held from 8a.m. to 12p.m. for $20 per person.,%20Dana%20Peterson,%20Valley%20Well%20Workplace%20Partnership%20-%20Small%20Business%20Health%20and%20Wellness%20Symposium.mp3
  • Pregnancy Resource Center Fundraiser Banquet
    Kate Bintliff is the executive director of the Pregnancy Resource Center. March 31 they will be having a Fundraiser Banquet at Aspen Glen. There will be great food, information on the Pregnancy Resource Center, and a great time.,%20Pregnancy%20Resource%20Center%20-%20Fundraiser%20Banquet.mp3
  • Grand River Health Nutrition Month, Hospital Compact and Greenhouse
    As kitchen manager Nikita Sullivent is in charge of the kitchen including all of the food that goes out per month. 5000-8000 meals per month go out, about 1500 of that is catering. Every meal is made from scratch. Meals are planned out a month ahead. It takes about a week to plan out a ...
  • Grand River Meals on Wheels Empty Bowls
    Three years ago Michelle McCurdy, a ceramics teacher at CMC, had the idea to bring Empty Bowls to Rifle. Empty Bowls is a fundraiser for Grand River Hospital’s Meals on Wheels. This is also the 50th Anniversary of CMC. “Empty Bowls is a feel good event and a great way to give back to our ...