KMTS Connections is a Public Affairs Program which airs most weekdays around 12:30 PM. KMTS Connections is provided free of charge to any government agency, non-profit organization or event between Aspen and Parachute.

  • Grateful for Glenwood
    Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Glenwood Branch of Alpine Bank, by giving back to the community through the Grateful for Glenwood Campaign.  Alpine will be giving away Glenwood Gold which can be redeemed through local businesses.  Ten winners will be announced each weekday at noon on KMTS through July 17. Anyone can nominate a “friend, ...
  • Glenwood Historical Society
    Encouraging residents of the valley to contribute their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This way a record can be left from multiple points of view.  As well as the changes that are occurring at the museum during the un-anticipated shutdown.
  • Glenwood Springs Alpine Bank 40th Anniversary & Glenwood Gold
    How Alpine Bank is Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Glenwood Springs Branch & the “Glenwood Gold” event that will be happening over the next few months.’s%2040th%20Anniversary%20&%20Glenwood%20Gold.mp3
  • Valley View Hospital – Seeking Routine Healthcare During COVID-19
    Letting people know that hospitals are still open for business, and are still taking “normal” clients.  There maybe a few different things that patients have not had to go through before.,%20Valley%20View%20Hospital%20-%20Seeking%20Routine%20Healthcare%20During%20COVID-19.mp3
  • Our Hope Center
    The services that “Our Hope Center” offers, from mental health counselling, to victim advocacy.  Looking how the recent activity from COVID-19 has affected what Our Hope Center does for communities all over the Western Slope.
  • Rifle Animal Shelter – Strut for Mutts 2020
    The Annual fundraiser for the animal shelter.  Because of the COVID-19 situation, this year instead of a mass run/walk with you pet, you can walk or run on your own schedule.  Then submit pictures & distance to the Rifle Animal Shelter for your contribution to the 2020 Strut for Mutts.,%20Rifle%20Animal%20Shelter%20-%20Strut%20for%20Mutts.mp3
  • Flex Family Fitness – Exercising During COVID-19 Isolation
    Talking about a few different ways to stay active and keep fit during a time where you may not be able to go to your normal gym or have your normal routine.
  • COVID-19 Tech Tips
    Tips that will help people avoid scams, malware, & computer viruses that have exploded due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is a unique interview as it was conducted in a “virtual meeting” through the internet.
  • Rocky Mountain Kid CLUBS
    Community, Learning, Understanding, Behavior, Skills… CLUBS.  A newer program in the Carbondale area that focuses on working with kids on social skills and more.,%20Maureen%20Thompson%20-%20Rocky%20Mountain%20Kid%20Clubs.mp3
  • Liberty Classical Academy’s Production of The Battle of Boat
    The annual production from Liberty Classical Academy.  This year the show is a brand-new play that features kids acting in roles that actually were written for kids.  This play is set during WW1, with kids that want to help & volunteer for the war effort.,%20Don%20Jenkins,%20Ashley%20Doose,%20Jayce%20Whittington%20-%20Liberty%20Classical%20Academy%20Production%20of%20The%20Battle%20of%20Boat.mp3
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