A collaboration that was “Meant to Be”: How Florida Georgia Line “hit gold” with Bebe Rexha

ABC/Image Group LA

Earlier this year, Florida Georgia Line scored a #1 hit by teaming up with Backstreet Boys on “God, Your Mama, and Me.”

Now, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are poised to have another smash on both the pop and the country charts with a new collaboration, this time with pop singer/songwriter Bebe [Bee-bee] Rexha.

“Man, it was pretty organic,” Tyler says of the way “Meant to Be” came together. “We ended up, last-minute, kinda out of the blue, getting together with her in L.A. when we were [there] writing, and wrote it kind of on a whim, late-night. The next thing you know, we just kinda hit gold, if you will. A really special song kinda fell out of the sky, as we call it. It doesn’t happen like that every time we get in a room to write.”

Since then, FGL has shot a video and performed the song on several TV shows with Bebe.

“Obviously, [she’s] a super-talented artist, Bebe,” Tyler goes on. “She’s amazing to work with and getting to do different awards shows [with her] and different things we’ve already done has been amazing.”

The reaction to “Meant to Be” has been so strong, FGL has decided to make it their new country single.

“We’re really excited,” Tyler tells ABC Radio. “You know, we’re gonna see what it does at the same time it’s running up the pop charts. I don’t know if that’s ever been done before.” 

“Meant to Be” is featured on Bebe Rexha’s EP, All Your Fault:  Pt. 2.

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