A garden and a glass of wine: How Kelsea Ballerini created the cover for “Unapologetically”

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Over the weekend, Kelsea Ballerini unveiled the cover of her forthcoming sophomore album, Unapologetically, for her fans on social media.

The glamorous photo shows the 23-year-old dressed in an elaborately-embroidered gold gown, curled up in a velvet chair in a garden.  

“It was really fun,” Kelsea says of the shoot. “I mean, it’s really kinda taking your lyrics and making them visual…making them pop off and come to life. And we kind of did a bunch of different set-ups, but it was really fun to do a lot of different looks.”

In all, Kelsea and her team shot three different scenarios, symbolizing the three parts of her album: loss, life and love.

“The first is very desert-y, very kind of dry and dark,” she tells ABC Radio. “The second is very forest-y, like kind of growing, symbolizing growing. The third is very flower-heavy, so kind of like blooming and happy.”

But the “Legends” hitmaker admits it’s no accident she ended up with such a female-friendly photo on the front of her album.

“I have a lot of girls on my team, and so we all are, like, very visual, creative people,” Kelsea explains. “We literally will just sit and have a glass of wine and just brainstorm stuff. And it’s really fun.”  

Unapologetically comes out November 3. This week, Kelsea will be revealing the track listing for the record via Foursquare Swarm, in advance of her big co-hosting gig next week on ABC.

You can catch Kelsea and Thomas Rhett on CMA Fest:  The Music Event of Summer, Wednesday, August 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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