A Glimpse at “Cosmic Hallelujah”: Kenny Chesney Reveals Cover Art and Track List for New Album

Blue Chair Bay/Columbia Nashville

When Kenny Chesney’s Cosmic Hallelujah arrives October 28, it’ll boast eleven tracks and a black-and-white cover photo shot on the Jersey shore. Originally titled Some Town Somewhere, the collection began to evolve after the superstar from East Tennessee had the opportunity to record his current hit, “Setting the World on Fire,” with Pink.

“…Some songs that had come in after we were done, I didn’t have to save for the next album. Suddenly, everything was changing,” he recalls, “and the album I’m releasing now has a lot of what made Some Town Somewhere capture the essential part of who the No Shoes Nation is, but really takes the your-life-is-now piece of The Big Revival and expands it,” Kenny says, referring to his previous record.

“And there’s one very special song I’ve been holding for years called ‘Coach’ that we went in and re-cut. It really captured that song’s heart.”

Here’s the complete list of songs on Cosmic Hallelujah:

“Setting the World on Fire” (with Pink)
“Some Town Somewhere”
“Trip Around the Sun”
“All the Pretty Girls”
“Bar at the End of the World”
“Jesus and Elvis” (with Allison Moorer)
“Rich and Miserable”

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