A North Carolina Thanksgiving with Chris Lane and Scotty McCreery: Why you have to watch Scotty’s mom

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This Thursday, Chris Lane and Scotty McCreery will have quite a few things in common: Both are headed home to North Carolina for the holidays, and both are planning huge Turkey Day feasts.

“Thanksgiving Day, we do a huge lunch,” Chris says. “Big family, like 60 people, we get together. Everybody brings a covered dish, everybody brings a dessert and we go all out.”

For Scotty, it will be much the same — except he warns that sometimes you need to keep an eye out on his mother.

“We typically, all the family gets together, Mama cooks a big ole ham, and we get the turkey, and we eat good,” he explains. “One year, Mom tried to fake us out — she loves to eat healthy. She tried to make us apple pie, but with little squash instead of apples. We kinda figured it out, but it was a good try,” he laughs.

Scotty’s latest single, “Five More Minutes,” just cracked the top 25, while Chris’s new duet with pop star Tori Kelly, “Take Back Home Girl,” is also in the top 40.

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