A Thousand Horses’ Zach Brown Reveals His Former Life in the Lawn Care Business


A Thousand Horses band member Zach Brown could always go back to his old gig in the lawn care business if his country career ever fizzles out.

He says, “I used to have a business in middle school and high school called, ‘Grasshopper Landscaping Lawn Maintenance’, our motto was, ‘Because we know you don’t wanna do it’.”

Looking back, Zach marvels at the marketing genius he displayed at such a young age.

He says, “Because we know you don’t wanna do it. You can’t argue with that.”

In all seriousness, Zach recently purchased a new lawn mower and says he’s really into cutting his grass these days. A Thousand Horses’ crazy tour schedule doesn’t leave Zach to work int the yard, though. The guys are headed to Ohio for another show on Thursday night.

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