ACM Duo Nominees Brothers Osborne Say Success Is Sweeter When It’s a Long Time Coming

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Brothers Osborne is in the running for the Vocal Duo trophy at this year’s ACM Awards, and it happens the pair were up for the same honor last year. But TJ and John have something in their arsenal now that was missing twelve months ago — a number one song. “Stay a Little Longer” reached the top of the charts back in January. Whether it’s number one songs or nominations, John says few things feel better than the affirmation of your peers.

“The awards shows, outside of the whole formality of what they entail, it represents, you know — it’s amazing, it’s your peers and the people you look up to and the people that you’ve worked with for years now, finally tipping their hat to you. And it’s an amazing feeling. We love and respect everyone so much and to feel that mutual love and respect is amazing.”

John feels like it’s just one more way the brothers’ years of perseverance are paying off.

“You know, it took us a lot longer,” he confesses. “I think it takes everyone longer than they want it to take, but I feel like for us, it’s a very sweet thing because we’ve been patient, we’ve stayed true to ourselves. We waited our turn and finally we feel like it’s starting to break.”

The Academy of Country Music will reveal the Duo of the Year winners on the red carpet Sunday, prior to the show’s start at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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