After 20+ years of waiting, Tim and Faith’s first duet album, “The Rest of Our Life,” finally arrives on Friday

Arista Nashville/McGraw Music/Sony Music Entertainment

For Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, the day that was more than twenty years in the making has finally come.  Today, the couple releases their very first full album of duets together, titled The Rest of Our Life.

At the same time, the two get the chance to look back on a year of touring together, as their Soul2Soul concert special premieres at 9 p.m. ET tonight on Showtime.

For Faith, there’s no denying it:  it’s been a wild ride.

“It is an adventure to be on the road together,” she says. “I mean we’ve done it before but this is only our what, fourth time?”

“Fourth time, third Soul2Soul [tour], but fourth time touring together, yeah,” Tim answers her.

“I love it,” Faith declares. “I mean it’s fun. Of course I haven’t toured in a while, so you’re just manning the tour.”

“It’s fresh to her!” Tim laughs.

It’s still so fresh, in fact, the superstar couple has extended their run into 2018, resuming May 31 in Richmond, Virginia.  And they say that being able to sing their new material together on tour is just icing on the cake.

“To be doing it as long as we’ve been doing it,” Tim says thoughtfully, “and touring and playing music and being married and to still be able to go out at this point in our career and have this much fun, and for the first time having an album that we made together, and be playing new music and have such a great band and such a great setup and such a great crew….I mean… “

“I love it. I mean, it’s fun,” Faith adds, finishing his thought.

The couple’s new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, “Mississippi Woman, Louisiana Man,” also opens today in downtown Nashville.

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