After Singing the National Anthem, Little Big Town Gets Back to Taming the Beast Known as “The Breaker”

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After their performance of the national anthem at Monday night’s College Football Playoff National Championship, the members of Little Big Town now turn their full attention toward their new album, which is on the way next month.

Karen Fairchild says there’s no doubt the project has to be “spot on,” because it’s the center of everything they do.  “For us, it’s its own beast that has to be tamed and figured out,” she says of the process. “Everything flows from that. So if we don’t have that right, then nothing else really feels right to us.”

Karen goes on to explain the title of the band’s eighth album.

“The record is called The Breaker for multiple reasons. It’s a song that was written by TJ Osborne and Connie Harrington that is beautiful,” she reveals, expanding on the track’s meaning.

“I think there’s lots of ways that you get broken. I think there’s some times you are the breaker,” she adds. “Sometimes it’s like looking ahead at the future and what’s on the horizon breaking, just so many ways that it ties into the record and for us as a band.”

This week, the lead single from the album, the Taylor Swift-penned “Better Man,” breaks into the top ten. The Breaker comes out February 24, the same day the foursome kicks off their residency at the legendary Ryman Auditorium.

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