After two disappointing singles, Chase Rice finds “Three Chords & the Truth”

BBR Music Group

“Three Chords & the Truth” is Chase Rice’s lead release from his forthcoming Lambs & Lions album, which comes out September 29.

The “Cruise” songwriter says the tune was inspired by the disappointment he felt after both “Whisper” and “Everybody We Know Does” failed to catch on at country radio. Previously, he had two top-five hits with “Ready Set Roll” and “Gonna Wanna Tonight.” Chase has since left Columbia Nashville for a deal with BBR Music Group.

“When you go through tough times the truth always has a way of finding its way to you,” he says. “This song was my truth. It’s the soul of my childhood, the songs that went along with it and the memories associated with those songs. It’s my heart waiting to be heard, and the songs that shaped it…”

Here’s the complete track listing for the 10-song Lambs & Lions:

“On Tonight”
“Eyes on You”
“Saved Me”
“One Love, One Kiss, One Drink, One Song”
“Jack Daniels Showed Up”
“Three Chords & the Truth”
“This Cowboy’s Hat” (featuring Ned LeDoux)

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