Ashley Monroe Cuts “The Blade” for Release July 24

Image Courtesy Black River Entertainment

Ashley Monroe’s new album, set to be released July 24, will be called The Blade. “I think every song on this record has an edge of some sort,” she says. “It cuts. That’s why I thought The Blade was a perfect title.”

Fans can get a glimpse of the CD’s cover and hear the title track at  “I have been on the receiving end of that pain,” Ashley says of the song. “It actually makes me physically hurt when I sing it. And when I recorded it for sure, but in a good way. I’m so thankful to the writers of that song. They talked about my heartbreak in a way that I’ve never heard. That’s hard to do.”

Vince Gill, who worked on Ashley’s last album Like A Rose, returns as one of her co-producers. Fans who pre-order the CD will instantly get “The Blade,” as well as the first single, “On to Something Good.” They’ll also be able to download three more songs before the release date:  “I Buried Your Love Alive,” “The Weight of the Load” and “Bombshell.”

Look for Ashley to debut a new song when she performs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on July 27 to promote her new release.

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