“Back to Us”: How Jay, Joe Don and Gary rediscovered the Rascal Flatts magic


For Jay DeMarcusGary LeVox, and Joe Don Rooney, “Back to Us” is more than a song on Rascal Flatts’ tenth studio album. It became the obvious title for the project, after the trio did some serious soul-searching looking for a direction.

“We talked about everybody in the world coming in to do our record, and it really pissed me off,” Jay jokes, “because I really wanted to do it badly.”

“True story, actually!” Joe Don interjects.

“At the end of the day, I just felt like nobody knew our music better than we did,” Jay continues. “That was kind of my basis for my lobbying to get to do it. And [Big Machine CEO] Scott Borchetta finally came in… And he said, ‘The magic pill is not another guy. The magic pill is the three of you when you’re in a room together.’”

Building on that philosophy, the three hit on a strategy to follow-up their latest #1, “I Like the Sound of That.”

“We went in, we cut some things, and I think we all surprised each other at how great it was creating that way,” Jay recalls.

“And I think it just had a natural evolution to it…” he explains. “It just was so much fun, we did another track. And then we had fun doing that and we did another couple tracks. And then, all the sudden we looked around and we go, ‘Shoot! We got a whole record here,’” he laughs.  

 The lead single from Back to Us, “Yours If You Want It,” is nearing country’s top 10. Back to Us is available both in stores and online today.

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