Based on a True Story: Blake Shelton Reveals What He Really Thinks About the Tabloids

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As Blake Shelton celebrated his new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum this week, he opened up about the intense tabloid scrutiny on his personal life. Even though he’s involved in a defamation lawsuit against In Touch Weekly, he’s fairly understanding about the media’s interest.  

“I think about celebrities I know of, and I talk about ’em, like I wonder about ’em… It’s, ‘Ohmigod, I heard that this crap went down!’… I do it too, so it makes sense that it happens.”

After twelve months that brought both his surprise divorce from Miranda Lambert and his subsequent coupling with Gwen Stefani, he admits there’s been plenty to write about– but the “Came Here to Forget” hitmaker says he has nothing to hide.

“My life is crazy. I’ll be the first to tell you! I mean, it makes sense that they report on me. It has been insane, you know. I don’t have any secrets. I walk out of my house with my head held high every day, and I don’t have any landmines I have to avoid or anything, you know. I’m not ashamed of anything, you know? So, the fact that they want to report on my life? Dig into it! Get after it. Just have a field day, see what you can dig up!”

Even when he’s being serious, Blake can’t keep his sense of humor at bay for long.

“And the truth is, they dig up — TWINS!” he jokes. “They can’t find really anything about me, so you end up hearing crazy stuff.”

Blake’s exhibit at the Hall of Fame runs through November.   

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