Billy Currington believes “Do I Make You Wanna” is a throwback to his first #1

ABC/Image Group LA

When Billy Currington first heard his latest single, “Do I Make You Wanna,” he admits it reminded him of another pivotal song in his career.

“It feels like it’s been a little bit since I had a song like ‘Must Be Doing Something Right’…” he says. “When we put that out and it became the first #1, I knew in my mind, like, that’s my connection. You know, that’s something that feels right for me.”

The Georgia native recalls having a similar feeling with his latest hit.

“When this song came along, ‘Do I Make You Wanna,’ it was one of the first things I thought…” he reveals. “It has a soulful feel, and is kinda saying similar things. And it just felt right to record it, and now, at the moment, it felt right to put it out as the single.”

With the song now edging toward the top five and showing no signs of slowing down, Billy’s instincts were no doubt right.

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