Billy Currington Gets Serious About His Workout Regimen on Tour with Tim McGraw

Mercury Nashville

Billy Currington has always maintained a steady workout regimen, but he’s kicked his fitness routine into high gear this summer while on tour with health nut Tim McGraw. Billy admits he can’t keep up with Tim’s insane exercise schedule, though.

“For us, you know, we pick about three or four hours of the day, not 10 [hours like Tim],” Billy says with a laugh. “He works out all day, and it’s pretty amazing to watch.”

On top of his extreme workout regimen, Tim also sticks to his low-carb, high-protein Paleo diet.

Says Billy, “Like, where does he get the energy from? ‘Cause the foods that I hear he eats, it’s like, ‘Really? That fuels you to go every day like that?’ It amazes me. So inspiring.”

Billy hopes to be somewhat close to Tim’s level of fitness by the time they wrap up the Shotgun Rider tour next month.

He adds with a laugh, “I’m getting on it now. Can’t end the tour and not look close to that.”

Billy is on the road with Tim through a September 19 show in Irvine, California.

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