Billy Currington Plans to Sing Along to Tim McGraw’s Set Every Night This Summer

Mercury Nashville

If you catch Tim McGraw‘s Shotgun Rider Tour this summer, keep an eye out for special guest Billy Currington watching Tim’s headlining set from the side stage. Billy caught one of Tim’s shows last year before he secured the spot on this year’s tour, and he couldn’t believe how many hits Tim packed into the two-hour set.

Billy tells ABC Radio, “Wow. That’s all I can say. Like, every song is just a smash. And then at the end of the show, I was like, ‘Wait! Wait! What about this song, and that song and that hit and that #1?’ He’s got so many, he can’t put ’em all in his show.”

Over the past decade, Billy has toured with just about everyone in country music, but he’s never sung along quite as much as he did watching Tim’s show.

Billy adds, “It’s quite amazing.”

Tim’s Shotgun Rider tour kicks off Friday night in Little Rock, Arkansas with Chase Bryant joining Billy and Tim on the bill.

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