Billy Currington Says “Don’t It” Is a Good Preview of Summer Forever

Mercury Nashville

If you like Billy Currington’s hit “Don’t It,” he says it’s a pretty good indication you’ll enjoy his new CD Summer Forever, which is in stores and online today.

“There are some unique songs on there. It is a little mixed up,” he admits. “There are some that throw back to the R&B, old-school flavor. The ‘Drinkin’ Town with a Football Problem’ song on there, you know, it’s a happy, party, take-you-back-to-high-school type song. And there may be some love songs on there. It’s got some love on there. I’m always in that state of mind!” he laughs.

“Drinkin’ Town with a Football Problem” happens to be Billy’s latest single. You can catch him singing that and his other hits on tour this summer with Tim McGraw. The Shotgun Rider dates kick off this Friday in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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