Blake Shelton Admits Adam Levine Influenced a Song on New Record, “If I’m Honest”

Warner Music Nashville

Not only does Blake Shelton’s new album include a duet with his boo Gwen Stefani, you’ll also hear the influence of another personality from NBC’s The Voice on the track “Every Time I Hear That Song.”

“It’s not like anything else I’ve ever recorded before and I’ll be totally honest — as hard as it is for me to say this — it’s got a little Adam Levine influence in it,” the superstar from Oklahoma says. “It’s hard to admit. I hope he doesn’t read this because he’d be like, ‘Hahahahahahaha! I’m your hero!’ But melodically it kind of reminds me of something he would do. It’s obviously country, but when people hear the song, they’ll understand what I’m talking about if they’re familiar with his music.”

You can catch Blake and Adam’s weekly good-natured sparring sessions Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. His new project, If I’m Honest, comes out this Friday.

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