Blake Shelton Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Milk a Cow on “The Tonight Show”

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Back in May, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon subjected Blake Shelton to trying sushi for the first time.  Monday, Blake got even by teaching Jimmy how to milk a cow.

Fallon starts the recorded segment on the wrong foot by showing up wearing overalls and a cowboy hat. “This is Oreo,” says Shelton, pointing to the cow. “You’ll be touching her in a very private area, which is totally normal if you act normal about it and don’t dress like Woody from Toy Story.”

The 40-year-old The Voice coach then gives Jimmy a brief lesson on milking the cow, but after a couple failed attempts, Blake show’s him how it’s done.

After Fallon finally achieves success, Shelton shares “an old farming tradition” of taking a shot of the first milk, but the joke’s on Jimmy as Blake tosses his shot over his shoulder while Fallon’s looking the other way.

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