Bloody Photo Hints at Juliette Barnes’ Fate in Season 5 of “Nashville”


Thursday night, we get our first glimpse at what happens to Hayden Panettiere’s character in the season five premiere of Nashville on CMT — and from the looks of a new picture posted by Entertainment Weekly, it’s not pretty.

When we last left Juliette Barnes, her plane had disappeared as she was flying back to Music City from the Oscars in Hollywood. The new photo from CMT’s first episode shows the bloodied singer lying on the ground with her eyes closed, suffering from a serious head wound.

While the cast has been mum about the happenings this season, we do know a couple things. Hayden Panettiere remains in key graphics for the show, alongside Connie Britton. Actress Jen Richards has also joined the cast, playing a “tough but understanding physical therapist who helps a series regular through one of their most difficult challenges,” according to CMT.

You can catch the first hour of season five tonight at 9 p.m. ET on CMT, with the full two-hour premiere airing at the same time on January 5.

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