Brad Paisley Says “There’s a Lot of Divas Walking Around,” but Demi Lovato’s Not One of Them


Brad Paisley and Demi Lovato may have a top-25 duet climbing the country charts now, but it wasn’t that long ago the two were virtual strangers. The pair met when Brad played guitar for the pop star on her song “Stone Cold” on an April awards show, and he admits he wasn’t so sure it would be love at first sight.

“When I went to the rehearsals at these things, you know, there’s a lot of divas walking around. There’s a lot of the entourages and the craziness and I thought, ‘Oh Lord, what have I gotten into?’ And then she walks in, in like sweat pants and a flannel shirt, not putting on any airs. I really relate to that. I always like people that don’t take themselves too serious and she is certainly that.”

Once Brad discovered Demi happens to be a country fan who grew up in the Lone Star State, it was just a matter of time before they recorded “Without a Fight” together.

“She really does have a huge base of knowledge, being from Texas, and having grown up listening to it. It’s funny, I think her mom is more excited about this duet of ours than anything Demi’s probably ever done. I mean, these are Texas people! It’s fun to see her show off how versatile she is, because she’s truly able to do anything she wants I think.”

On Friday, Brad surprised fans by showing up to play guitar for Demi on Good Morning America. This Friday, she’ll return the favor, as they perform “Without a Fight” during his turn on the GMA Summer Concert Series. You can check out their new video for the song on YouTube.

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