Brantley Gilbert Opens Up About His Dad’s New Earrings

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Brantley Gilbert is one of the more colorful country stars today, and it sounds like he’s cut from the same cloth as his father. Brantley recently had his dad move onto his farm in Alabama, and Brantley says the state is “rubbin’ off on him, slowly but surely.”

The move has caused Brantley’s dad to expand his views on guys wearing earrings, too.

“I thought he was gonna kill me when I got my ears pierced,” Brantley admits, “and he called me one night and he said, ‘You ain’t gonna believe this.’ I said, ‘I think you’re right, but go ahead, shoot.’ He said, ‘I’m just gonna send you a picture.’ I said, ‘All right.'”

Brantley was quite shocked when the picture of his dad came through.

Says Brantley, “He got his ears pierced, but they’re studs.”

Country stars like Brantley and Jason Aldean are known for wearing little hoop earrings, but studs are usually associated with rap acts. You shouldn’t have to worry about Brantley featuring his dad on a new song, though.

Brantley says with a laugh, “He’s not gonna break out mad beats or nothing.”

Next up, Brantley joins Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean for a show this Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium in St. Louis.  

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