Brett Eldredge Credits His Mom with Helping Launch His Career, Keeping Him Grounded in Reality

Image Courtesy Warner Music Nashville

Brett Eldredge might not have the thriving country career he has today without his mother’s belief in his talent. When Brett was growing up, his mother drove him to singing gigs near their home in Paris, Illinois, and even ran the sound board as Brett performed.

“I’ve won the lottery with the mother I have,” Brett says. “Everybody says it, but my mom is the best mom in the world. In my mind, she’s just so amazing. She really is something special and believed in me when it was just a side thought for somebody else to say, ‘Oh, he’s a good singer.'”

Now that Brett’s dream of country stardom has come true, he depends on his mother to keep him grounded.

Says Brett, “She’s always calling me on the road making sure I’m getting enough sleep, making sure I’m being healthy. I’m always trying to make her proud, so she keeps me in check and is the reality I need when I’m in a sometimes unrealistic world traveling all over the place.”

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