Brett Eldredge Explains Why He’s Putting His Career Before His Love Life These Days

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Brett Eldredge sings about finding a girl he just can’t get enough of in his new hit, “Lose My Mind,” but he’s still single in real life. Since Brett is easily one of country’s most eligible bachelors, we wondered what’s holding him back in the love department.

Brett explains, “I am scared of getting tied down right now, because I’m so, so driven for what I’m doing, and I just love my music so much. That is my love.”

He goes on to admit, “I guess I probably have some commitment issues with that kind of thing, but I have trouble committing to what time I’m gonna have lunch tomorrow. There’s so many things in my mind that I want to do.”

If you’re thinking you have just the right girl for Brett, you should know he doesn’t have a big check list of what he’s looking for in a girlfriend.

“I’m just waiting to be surprised,” Brett says. “I think that’s the whole part of it all is just when that girl walks into your world, your world is completely changed. I’m ready for that girl to step on in and let me open the door. Come on in.”

One thing Brett is definitely looking for in a girlfriend is a good sense of humor, or at least the patience to put up with his wacky randomness.

He says, “They don’t have to think it’s funny. They can totally poke fun at me for being an idiot sometimes. I just want somebody that does love to enjoy life.”

Brett goes on to say he thinks about finding the right girl all the time, and he even wrote a song about it called “Haven’t Met You.”

He adds, “[It’s] about that girl that I haven’t met yet that I wanna share all these experiences with and everything. But I’m always looking for her. I’m always thinking about her as if she’s already here, but, you know, I’m waiting. I’m ready.”

“Haven’t Met You” will be included on Brett’s sophomore album, Illinois, due out September 11. He just released another song from that album, “Fire,” via YouTube.

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